Happy Pets "because they deserve it"

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Wrangle that rascal.... Dog Walking            
We are no ordinary dog walkers!           
We offer:
with your dog or dogs, so they can run as fast and as far as they want, just like the Dog Whisperer. Many times a simple or even long stroll isn't enough. Everyone knows dogs love to run and they need to release all that built up energy. Now they can run safely, controlled, and beyond supervised. We guarantee we will return them TIRED AND PANTING. Many of our valued clients love how mellow and calm their pets are after our regularly scheduled SUPER DOGGIE CARDIO!                    
$20 15-20 minute session
  ($5 each additional dog)

Look how much thes dogs love our running service! Do you pets sound like this after a walk? Well why not, it's what they want! Spoil your pet and let them run safely.

NORMAL WALK:  We even offer the normal walk, believe it or not! Just a good ol' casual stroll with your pet frolicking in your neighbor's yard and smelling everything in it's path.
Price: $20 for a 20-25 minute stroll ($5 for each additional dog)

How can you say no to that little face?