Happy Pets "because they deserve it"

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Pet Sitting........                                  
Who's going to take care of your little babies while your gone? Do you really want to be worrying about your pet while you're away for work or on a beach sipping    on a drink with an umbrella in it? No, no you don't!  That's why you call us and let us love your pet while you're gone. Very affordable and worry free.                     
We Offer In-home Pet Sitting:   In-home pet sitting is best for those people      who don't wish board their pet in a crate or cage. Removing your pet from it's       normal surroundings and being away from you, the owner, is almost always         tramatic. Keep your pet at home, where they are comfortable and we'll let them   out, take them on walks, clean up any accidents, and give them love. We also      turn on/of lights, bring in newspapers/mail, make it seem like you're home. ....... sorry no overnight visits :-(    
In-home Prices:
For a visit and feed, clean any accidents $20/visit. (add $5 for   any walks and $15 for a super long 20 minute walk)

Can't trust anyone now a days? You can trust us! We have a long list of satisfied clients who would love to tell you about the wonderful experience they had with Happy Pets!  

We don't take in any dogs into our home, sorry :-(      -Happy Pets