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 Take Back Your Backyard!
Sick of the never ending supply of poo in your backyard? Now we know you've been putting off cleaning your backyard for a couple weeks. You're not looking forward to the 100 degree weather, all the bending over, shoveling, bagging and disposing of those gross smelling messes that your pet leaves behind. Ewww! Let US take care of the dirty business, because you don't want to.

New to a Poop Scoop service.....?  You'd be surprised at how convenient, simple, and affordable it can be. Starting at $10 a week and a variety of payment plans and options, you'll never have to worry about America's #1 worst chore ever again.

Typical Prices for once a week Poop Scoop:
1 dog-$10/week (billed at $43/m)
2 dogs-$12/week (billed at $52/m)              *We charge a first time clean-up fee depending 
3 dogs-$14/week (billed at $60/m)                       on how long it's been since last pick up*
4 dogs-$15/week (billed at $65/m)                   
Anything else? Just ask!
"watch where you're walking sweetie"
      (702) 856-6143

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